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My name is Oriol Arteaga Barriel.  I was born in Barcelona.  Currently I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Physics of Universitat de Barcelona. Prior to that, I was Marie Curie Fellow  at the Applied Physics and Optics Department in Universitat de Barcelona.  During most of 2013 I was a Beatriu de Pinós Fellow at the same university and, earlier (2011-2013), I was  a postdoc researcher at the Bart Kahr Group of New York University.  I finished my Phd studies  (2010) at the Applied Physics and Optics Department in Universitat de Barcelona.

My CV (updated June 2017)


My research interests spread over various experimental and theoretical aspects, most of them related to light-matter interactions.  Without establishing an order of preferences, these are some of the topics I enjoy working with:

  • Mueller matrix algebra and physical  interpretation of  depolarizing and non-depolarizing Mueller matrices.
  • Construction and instrumental aspects of Mueller matrix polarimeters.
  • Light propagation in bianisotropic media, asymmetric light transmission effects
  • Chirality in nanostructures and chemical systems
  • Ellipsometry of single crystals and thin films.
  • History of optics and polarimetry.
  • Magnetoelectric properties properties in crystals,

– Optical activity anisotropy
– Electrogyration
– Faraday rotation

During my research career I have spent quite a lot of time building my own home made Mueller matrix polarimeters. I particularly like to using photoelastic moduladors as phase-modulation elements.

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