Monthly Archives: January 2024

Early 2024 update

Long time without updates. I try to summarize in brief bullet points some of the accumulated news, without following any particular order.

Figure 5

  • A few months ago I got a “Consolidación” project. The project is titled SPECTROPEM – Ultrasensitive polarization encoded spectroscopy without monochromator based on photoelastic modulators. This project will involve not only some research activities, but brings some new lab spaces and renewal works.
  • We also got another project from the PID2022 call. The project is titled “Imagen polarimétrica para la mejora de la visibilidad y la detección en medios turbios” and it is our first project that approaches biomedical imaging aspects. The project has just started now.
  • Our student Subiao Bian got a Fi-SDUR 2023 fellowship to complete his PhD.
  • Last Spring-Summer Beáta Hroncová from Masaryk University, Brno did a stay of 3 months in our lab funded under an Erasmus+. She did some very interesting work on spatial dispersion (on different materials) that now needs to be completed.
  • Las summer I visited Huaqiao University in China. It was the kick-off of a 111 project (“Introducing Intelligence Base of Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies for Brittle Material”) where we participate. China’s “111 Project” or “Project 111”, launched in 2005, is a national programme that aims to draw about 1000 leading overseas scholars and researchers from worldwide top 100 universities and research institutes to over 100 “innovation bases” in China.
  • Last autumn Akash Tiwari from New York University (USA) did a stay in our lab of 3 months. Akash was interested in learning all the tricks of the 4-PEM Mueller matrix polarimeter.
  • During Jan and Feb 2024 Prof. Kevin McPeak from Louisiana State University is visiting our group. We are trying to finish some pending on tricky chiroptics of metamaterials.