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My name is Oriol Arteaga Barriel.  I was born in Barcelona.  Currently I am a Ramón y Cajal Fellow at the Department of Applied Physics of Universitat de Barcelona. Prior to that, I have been Marie Curie Fellow  at École Polytechnique and also at Applied Physics and Optics Department at Universitat de Barcelona.   I have also been a Beatriu de Pinós Fellow at the same university and, earlier (2011-2013), I was a postdoc researcher at the Bart Kahr Group of New York University.  I finished my Phd studies  (2010) at the Applied Physics and Optics Department at Universitat de Barcelona.

My CV (updated January 2022)

cropped-IMG_0563.jpg(this photo is ~12 years old)

My research interests spread over various experimental and theoretical aspects, most of them related to light-matter interactions that are related to the polarization of light.  Without establishing an order of preferences, these are some of the topics I enjoy working with:

  • Mueller matrix algebra and physical interpretation of depolarizing and non-depolarizing Mueller matrices.
  • Construction and instrumental aspects of Mueller matrix polarimeters.
  • Light propagation in bianisotropic media, asymmetric light transmission effects
  • Chirality in nanostructures and chemical systems
  • Ellipsometry of single crystals and thin films.
  • History of optics and polarimetry.

During my research career, I have spent quite a lot of time building my own home made Mueller matrix polarimeters, Mueller matrix ellipsometers and Mueller matrix microscopes.

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