Group members

PhD and postdoc positions funded by the Spanish/Catalan government or by our projects are possible for researchers motivated to work in polarization optics and with a good academic record. 

Current Members

  • Subiao Bian
  • Iago Pardo
  • Beáta Hroncová (Visiting PhD from Masarykovy Univerzity, Czech Republic)

Former Master/PhD students in UB

  • Ertan Kuntman (2014-2019, Phd Thesis)
  • Hana Bendada (visiting PhD, Université Ferhat Abbas- Sétif, Algeria)
  • Ziqing Li (visiting PhD Huaqiao University, China)
  • Huihui Li (visiting PhD, Huaqiao University, China)
  • Sara Aguado (Master in Photonics)
  • Dale Gottlieb (Europhotonics Master)
  • Sheikh Fareya (Europhotonics Master)