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Reciprocity and Mueller matrices

Recently I have been working on how Mueller matrices handle reciprocal and nonreciprocal optical effects. Mueller matrices are truly informativative about reciprocity, but one needs to know how the information is “stored”.  A series of two papers are going to be published in Optics Letters about the topic.  For the moment they can be accessed in early view.

Mueller matrix description of homogeneous depolarizing media. I. Number of independent parameters

Mueller matrix description of homogeneous depolarizing media. II. Differential decomposition

New year

First message of 2013!  Happy New Year to any eventual visitor. Some quick updates to start the year:


New paper in Applied Optics

Last year I spent a lot of my time to build the instrument reported in this paper. It is one of  the bests polarimeters/ellipsometers to date, because it measures simultaneously the 16 elements of a Mueller matrix without any moving part.

  • Oriol Arteaga, John Freudenthal, Baoliang Wang, and Bart Kahr, “Mueller matrix polarimetry with four photoelastic modulators: theory and calibration,” Appl. Opt. 51, 6805-6817 (2012)

You can get it here.

More exciting instrumental things should be coming soon!

New paper in Chem. Eur. J.

A new paper has been published.

  • A. Sorrenti, Z. El-Hachemi, O. Arteaga, A. Canillas, J. Crusats, J. M. Ribó.  Kinetic control of the supramolecular chirality of Porphyrin J-Aggregates, Chem. Eur. J (2012)

You can view this paper here.

Paul Soleillet

I have published a biographic note about Paul Soleillet. Check the tabs at the top of this page. The paper we have recently published about Mueller matrices in fluorescence scattering (see the previous post) contains a short reappraisal of Soleillet’s work. As there seems to virtually nothing available in internet about his biography, I find it necessary to share here what I have learnt about him.

New publications

Two papers have been recently published

  • O. Arteaga, J. Freudenthal,  & B. Kahr Reckoning electromagnetic principles with polarimetric measurements of anisotropic optically active crystals.  (2012). J. Appl. Cryst. 45, 279-291.

  • S. Portal-Marco, M.A. Vallvé, O. Arteaga, J. Ignés-Mullol, C. Corbella, E. Bertran, Structure and physical properties of colloidal crystals made of silica particles,  ( 2012) Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects  0927-7757,